Happy 2019!

Spare your "soles," your office prayers are answered at 426 West 14th Street

Office Space that talks turkey..for Thanksgiving carve off a piece of Meatpacking District History @ 426 w 14th St.

Be cool, be hip, be here....426 West 14th Street!

You are invited to a CLE Class: The Lawyer's Guide to the Business of Commercial Real Estate Leasing!

The services a landlord provides

7 Ways to Save BIG On Your Next Office Buildout by Rick Malan

How to Win Lease Negotiations

Find the Best Office Space for Your Business: 6 Factors to Consider by James Osgood

Choosing the Right Location for your Office Space

Virginia the Designer!

Top Ten by Michael Davidson - Board Coach

How to Find Space in New York City?

How much office space do you need?

Buy or Lease? What’s the Deal?

The right space fits all your needs

How to... With Commercial Real Estate Brokers

How long does the process of moving space take?

The 7 Deadly Sins Tenants Make (when Leasing Office Space.)

Take a look at our new video series!

How building design impacts occupancy cost

308 Fifth Avenue

Leveling the Playing Field: Why a tenant should be represented when renewing a lease.

729 Seventh Avenue Sublease

Controlling Your Environment, or NOT

Executive Spotlight: George Grace, G.E. Grace & Co.

GE Grace Relaunches His Eponymous Commercial Real Estate Firm

A Theme of Renewal & Motion in New York City’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Retail Vacancies

In the Retail Market? Time to Rent or Buy?

Why an Exclusive Broker is the Right Choice

The Mercy Center's 13th Annual Gala Dinner and Auction

Avoid Management by Lease

Landlords Increasingly Looking to Shift Insurance Obligations to Tenants

A Bronx Tale: Millions of Untapped Consumers

A Tale of Two Landlords

How to Leverage Your Real Estate Broker

Manhattan vs. Westchester: A Case Study of One Non-Profit’s Dilemma

Authority vs. Responsibility

Getting Out of the City and Into Paradise

There’s No Substitute for Leg Work in Real Estate

Subleasing, Subtenants, and Sub-Optimal Lease Durations

Introducing David Valdez

Keeping an Open Mind in the Rental Market

The Impact of Autonomous Cars on Real Estate

Interest Rates: Too Low for Too Long

Minority Shares: It’s Complicated

Revitalizing a Small Town on the Micro and Macro Levels

The Importance of Teamwork in Lease Negotiations

New York City’s Sprinkler Law: A Crash Course in Capital Improvements

Technology Takes the High Road in Warehouses

As the Economy Stumbles, Subletting Soars

Tenant Representative Brokers Build Relationships on Foundations of Trust

Who Is Responsible for Snow Removal?

What’s in Store for 2016?

Why You Should Consider Having an Exclusive Broker

Don't Let a Lease Expiration Go to Waste

Rentable Space or Usable Space?

How Does the Stock Market Affect Rent Prices in New York?

The Impact of Gas and Oil Industries on Real Estate Markets

Due Diligence - Know What You’re Getting Into

When Does a Lease End?

Are You Proactive or Reactive with Your Real Estate Planning?

Economic Opportunity in Iceland

New Development on Lexington Avenue

Negotiating the “Total Cost” of Your Rental Agreement

How Executive Real Estate Decisions are Made

How Do I Get Out Of My Commercial Real Estate Lease? Part 2

How Do I Get out of My Commercial Real Estate Lease

5 Important Factors in Finding a New Headquarters

Cost vs. Necessity: How These and Other Factors Affect the Decision Making Process

5 Key Factors to Finding the Perfect Space for Your Business

Unique Approach. Unparalleled Results.

Is Your Broker Looking Out for You or Your Landlord?

Low Interest Rates and High Dollar Value Impact Real Estate in Manhattan and the Midwest




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